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Residential Services

Residential Pest Services 

If you are looking for a honest, fast, and dependable pest management and prevention service, look no further than Frantz Exterminating.  We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annual, and semi annual services.

The best pest control service for many homeowners is the Bi monthly (every other month) or quarterly (once-every-three months) treatment for your home. Although we still have monthly service available, in most cases, a quarterly service program is sufficient. Today, many of the products that we use are designed to provide a much longer-lasting residual effect. These highly-advanced materials are very effective at quickly eliminating pests and maintaining these results for a long time. They are "environmentally friendly" in terms of not only the public environment, but also your immediate home environment as they are safe, mostly odorless and won't bother your allergies. We perform a comprehensive interior inspection and treatment at least one quarter in the year --- or as needed --- and maintain your pest control with a comprehensive exterior perimeter treatment every three months. I will come inside and do whatever may be needed every quarter if you like. Our service also includes sweeping your eaves, porches, etc. for: spider webs, treated wasp nests, mud dauber nests, etc. (Within reach). We are flexible and will strive to customize our service as needed to accommodate your particular needs as our valued client.

Residential Pest Services

 We find the solution to your needs:

  • Comprehensive Termite and Pest Control Services
  • Complete ant, roaches and ALL harmful Pests Control Services
  • Accurate Termite Inspections and Reports
  • Stinging Insect Eradication
  • Rodent Control and Exclusion
  • Establish a Preventive Exterior Insect and Pest Barrier

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